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Wednesday, August 19, 2009



What does Weavolution offer that you cannot find anywhere else online?

1. Discover a dedicated gathering place for handweavers. Weavolution allows you to focus on your weaving. We are ALL weaving ALL the time. Nothing else.

2. Post your projects, looms, drafts, and yarns--all in your notebook called My Stuff. (And edit your information any time).

3. Upload images at 800 x 800 pixels, allowing you to record, share and view minute details of color and stucture (Tips on Pics under the Help tab).

4. Find roomy comment fields allowing up to 2000 characters and pictures to document your creative warping, weaving and finishing processes.

5. Click on any project picture or draft entered in the last month and it will automatically enlarge (Try a second click for even greater detail!).

6. We know what features are most important to handweavers: looms, drafts, images and a wide variety of groups to join and forums to discuss their interests with other weavers.

7. Calculate the materials needed for your next project with our enhanced Resources section or find a guild to visit on your next trip!

Why not give it a try? Join the Weavolution!
Come check it out!

-JJ & Painted Bull

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