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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New post

I have my own website now, and it has a I started writing some entries there... primarily as a way to write the new running series I have on the Uppity Minions Blog.

So here is what I have been working on, if you really care or want to read the rest, just click the link...

Chronology of Crap Confessions of a Former Mall Rat

Yes, I was a 80’s mall rat. When big hair was in and androgynous men looked a lot more fashionable than most women…and that was before the term “metro sexual” hit the scene. My first job was at a t-shirt shop in a mall, you know the ones that iron on decals while you wait. This employment was the induction of my “mall culture” experience. A mall was essential back then, the internet was not around so online shopping was not ingrained into the society as it is today. If you needed anything, the mall was where you went. So like many young adults of my generation, working at the mall was something that we just did.

My period of mall rodent status continued over 11 years, graduating from t-shirts to hosiery to upscale womans wear. This was a learning experience and I have carried it with me. Being able to connect to your customers with a simple “Welcome to Chico’s” and giving personal service is something I find lacking online. This individual customer service and non-boring shopping experience is something that we want to bring to Uppity Minions…but that is off the real topic at hand…which is this confession of a former mall rat, so here goes the confessional part:

Read the rest here...

-JJ & Painted Bull

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