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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I've gone out on my own...

Okay, so I have really given up on the idea of selling online on Etsy...or Artfire...or any other venue for that matter. It was a frustrating 2 years, but now I feel like any work I do for promoting my own site will actually be a good thing...cause it is my own site and I don't have to deal with all that venue crap. Damn those handmade venues, they are nothing more then idealistic, groupie favoritism, and cupcake bands of followers...very much like the shit you have to deal with in high school, it sucks ass!

So this is why I have finally gotten the balls and got my own site. And that is why I have started this Painted Bull Shop Fan Page on Facebook...  So if you are on facebook, please like that I can shorten my Facebook Fan Page URL!

I also have joined up with other women artist who are fed up with the venue shit...and we have created a collective of shops, sort of like a cooperative called: Uppity Minions

But that is another story...and another posting.


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