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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fellow 1KM Shop Owners

1KM Artist Cooperative Market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us start a market for quality artisan products, and the 1KM artist shops who want to promote themselves and the market as a whole.

This can be the markets “theme”...

1KM Artist Co-op…working together to create sales and marketing opportunities for all members.

Oh boy, anyone with me on this one?

I just looked at all the markets on the site...This would be something totally different. Where shop owners can take part in marketing their own shops as part of a Market. It can be open to anyone who is willing to be supportive and contribute to the promotion and marketing of the 1KM Artist Cooperative Market.

Where quality products and a wonderful shopping experience are what the market members want to work together to build a following and create a real business like arena for artist who want promote and sell their wares...

This would not be just a social group market...but a serious business minded market. Where we all contribute to building relationships with others who see the "Market" as a business opportunity.

Lets get the word out there about our shops, we are here, we have fabulous products, and we want to get people to visit our shops and actually create energy that generates sales!

That must be understood. This is a working market, a business minded market...

If you are a member of 1KM then please check out this post:

I am curious to see what kind of response I get.

-JJ & Painted Bull

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