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Friday, January 2, 2009

I am starting to do the research for a paper or possible article on
comparative woven textiles and culture of various indigenous tribes
throughout the world, specifically regarding the women that weave
these items. Not just the actual weave structures, but the
anthropological aspect of the similarities of these various ethnic
groups. I would like to trace the possible movement regarding the
"culture of warp faced textiles" and relate this to the spread of
peoples, beginning in Africa through to the Middle East and Central
Asia and follow this as it spreads through Northern and Southern Asia,
into Indonesia, as well as into North America, Central America and
South America.
I would like to put this to fellow members of the weaving
community...Can you suggest any possible outlets that are available
for people who want to pursue a study in textiles, but do not belong
in the academic community. I have contacted my Alumni Association at
USF, however they do not have any online services for research that is
available for their Alumni. I just became a member of the Textile
Society of America and also Complex Weavers. If anyone has some
information or can point me in direction of possible resources for my
research please contact me or post a comment.
Thank you,

-JJ & Painted Bull

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