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Monday, December 15, 2008

New project

I am starting a new project. It is something I do on a regular basis. I discover or read about something, become fascinated, then research and learn as much as I can about the subject. If it is about weaving, spinning, knitting, etc...I will teach myself, or take classes to learn how to do the actual technique or style of work.
I have spent some time learning about, Navajo and African weavers, Indian form of embroidery called Kantha, as well as, spinning cotton on a Chakra. It isn't just the style of the fiber art that intrigues me, it also is the history, culture, traditions,laws and customs, religion (the big picture) of the particular subject that I want to learn about.
This time I plan on being a little more formal with my research and quest for knowledge.

-JJ & Painted Bull

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