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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Special Thank You to Erin & Swiekysiggies

I am starting my own business and Erin and her shop at have really helped pull the shop together. This post is not only a positive reflection of Erin's work, it is a “shout out” to all future and current customers of shop. My custom logo and graphic design by Erin and her swiekysiggies shop is one of the best purchases and buyer experiences I have had using Erin is a wonderful graphic artist. Her paintbrush is a mouse and keyboard and her canvas is a computer screen. She worked with me every step of the way in designing the logo and graphics for my new etsy shop. Erin was able to take my simple thought and her simple black outlined design and turn it into a true expression and representation of my work. Erin has been so beneficial regarding the marketing direction of my business. I am so excited and pleased with the excellent custom logo and graphic design she has produced. It makes a wonderful “first impression” for visitors to my shop. Bravo to Erin and swiekysiggies! – JJ Walts & Painted Bull
Just check out the shop Painted Bull!

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